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An Insiders Guide to
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What Color Are Your Assets, by Lawrence D. Goldberg

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The arena of hard assets, which includes rare coins, gold, silver and other precious metals, has a long and storied history, dating back to before Biblical times, through the Greek and Roman classical era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and now the Information Age.

It is a story that continues today because in our complex society of worldwide computer-aided markets - trading everything from stocks and bonds to currencies, commodities and every other type of good or service - the subject of money remains as basic to our survival as food and shelter.

For many the subject brings up a wide variety of questions. The aim of this book is to explore the circumstances behind those questions and provide a common sense approach of how to successfully navigate the hard asset marketplace. Below is a sampling of the frequently asked questions this book addresses, information useful to the active collector and investor as well as the beginner:

• Why buy gold, silver or rare coins?
• How does the economy affect rare coins and precious metals?
• Are rare coins a good investment?
• Which coins will make the most money?
• What are the risks of owning hard assets?
• What are the best ways to work with a dealer?
• What do I do with my inherited coins?
• What are the best ways to buy and sell?
• Do I need to take physical possession?
• Is silver a better investment than gold?
• How do I avoid being ripped off, either by thieves or by dealers?
• What role do collectors play in all this?
• Will coins make me more money than stocks?
• How do I buy and sell without a dealer?
• Should I buy silver coins or silver bars?
• How do I know which hard assets are best for me?
• Should I get my coins professionally certified?
• Is the dollar going to collapse?
• What are price spreads and how are they used?
• How do I know if I’m buying and selling at fair prices?
• What is the long-term outlook?
• What should I know about storing coins safely?
• Where do I get good information about hard assets?

You will also learn how gold, silver and rare coins function as monetary instruments, what has sparked the recent dramatic bull market in the precious metals, and ultimately the basic framework from which to harness the hard asset market to your maximum benefit.

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